HR consulting & training programs

HR consulting & training programs

How to make your recruitments more secure ?

  • Conducting an audit about your recruitment practices starting from the job description and finishing when the employee takes up his new position.
  • Developping your «employer brand » awareness


Interviews in the life of a manager

We can help your managers and reinforce their skills to manage and support their teams : recruitment interview, annual performance review, career review, professional interview…


How to set up the professional interview ?

We have an one-day training program about :

  • The new law
  • How to set up these interviews : which information to give ? how to prepare your managers ? which official procedures to respect ?
  • Which impact on your HR politics ?
  • How to manage these interviews as a manager ? Which position they do have ?
  • Special cases
  • How to write the reports ?
  • How to deal with the professional interviews ?