Who are we ?

Who are we ?

We have developed our experience for more than ten years in employment management. Instead of a long presentation, let us have a look at some of our main achievements :


We are dedicated to building the bridge between hospitality companies and qualified candidates in France and abroad.

Consultancy with human resources managers

For a telecoms operator, define a mix-communication plan for the recruitment of 600 new employees in 15 months.

Implementation of a forecast management in a 550 employees company, definition of a common career management policy for the state employees and the private employees with the target to develop the mobility and the project management.

During a relocation project in an engineering company, carrying out a communication audit, collect the expectations, advocate a new communication to the executive committee.

Consultancy with job seekers: executives, middle management, graduates, seniors
Management of an employment service in a hospitality and culinary school.

Our magic words : to be tuned (empathy), pragmatism and efficiency.

Our approach : working with the line managers, define with dialogue with them, associate them with the approach and in this way guarantee that they take over the project, and at the same time respect your human resources policy.

Confidentiality for both our candidates and clients is very important to us.